SMART Irrigation Controller

Meet your New Sprinkler System
Our Sprinkler will improve your lawn, garden, or farm irrigation. Create custom programs and use our automatic weather-driven algorithms. Access and control your sprinklers from anywhere.


Automate and Access Sprinklers from Anywhere
Keeping your lawn and flowers beautiful doesn’t have to be stressful.

SMART Irrigation Controller unchains you from your sprinkler or irrigation control box, enabling you to program, run, or stop zones at any time from anywhere.

Whether you are at your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone; whether you are at home, office, or traveling on the road, you can access SMART Irrigation Controller through any modern browser; or use our free apps available for all mobile platforms.

  • SMART Irrigation Controller will check online weather data to automatically adjust your watering need. Have a rain sensor? Controller can use that too.
  • SMART Irrigation Controller is a drop-in replacement of your outdated controller. We’re always ready to help with installation and programming questions.
  • Our controller provides a low-cost solution to a large number of zones. Customers are already using Controller for small homes, estates, corporate lawns, golf courses, ranches, and farms.


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